© Christopher Moody Pirate Flag

(1694–1722) was an 18th-century pirate who held a policy of no quarter (no sparing of lives).
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Moody is largely remembered for his distinct Jolly Roger flag. Instead of the traditional white on black, Moody’s Jolly Roger is gold on red. It also has an hourglass with wings, to express to his victims that their time to live was flying away. In the middle is a white arm holding a dagger. In addition, blood-red pennants were often tied to the ship’s mainmast to show deadly intent. While the red Jolly Roger is distinctive, it is not unique. It is believed that the origin of the red flag is likely that English privateers flew the red jack by order of the Admiralty in 1694. When the War of Spanish Succession ended in 1714, many privateers turned to piracy and some retained the red flag, as red symbolized blood.
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© Christopher Moody Pirate Flag

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