Origins of Halloween………..
On this day children dress up as ghouls and goblins and go trick or treating around the neighborhood for candy while adults dress up and attend Halloween parties. Nobody knows exactly when the Halloween tradition started. The name means ‘The day before All Saints or All Hallows Day’. The name may imply Christian roots, but its origin is definitely Pagan as the Druids and the Celts combined the celebrations of their New Year and the honoring of the Sun God – The Lord of the Dead. Different colours of the Druid attire meant different things.The Celts believed the dead returned to the living on this day to seek redemption. The sinners were forced to come back in the bodies of animals and through the sacrifice of these animals it is believed their spirits were released to seek a higher reward. In Pagan times, horses and even humans were often sacrificed along with black cats because they were thought to befriend witches. Browse & then Order from our many different designs .

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