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It’s Okay To Alter The Plan

You’ve put together a marketing plan, and you begin implementing your strategy. Before long you realize things aren’t going as you expected. You look at the data and evaluate the situation. You spot the problem, but changing it would result in revising everything. There’s still a chance your original plan will work, just perhaps not as well as you hoped. What do you do? It’s Up To You.

That’s a tough call and not one that anyone else can make. But if you choose to stay the course, make sure you’re not making that decision out of fear. Changing the plan isn’t always the best course of action, but there are plenty of times where it can be.

Did you hear............
Word-of-Mouth Isn’t A Strategy
It’s An End, Not A Means

In short, word-of-mouth is not how you build a successful business, it’s but one way to know your business is successful. It isn’t the strategy, it’s the result of the strategy. You build interest through social media and content driven marketing. You close with excellent customer service, delivering on your promises and exceeding customer expectations. At that point, you begin to see a groundswell of word-of-mouth.But even once you’ve achieved it, it isn’t enough to sustain you.

Bad News Sells

Ultimately that’s because bad news is much more popular than good news. For every customer who says good things about your store, there will be many more who find something to complain about. It’s a fact of human nature, and as such, relying on word-of-mouth is unreliable at best. Of course, we’d all like to think that we catch any disgruntled customers and make them happy before they leave, but the reality is that for every vocal customer we help, there are far more who never let their displeasure be known … to you.Don’t rely on the kindness of strangers to promote your business, make your own strategy and watch your company soar!

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Not Just What? But When? to post

Bedtime Pups house and garden flag
Today is the day you discover not what you should say, but when you should say it! That’s right, there has been research done to determine the best times to post on all the most popular social media platforms in order to reach the broadest audience and potentially influence the most customers. Where does this research come from, you ask? Well, I’m proud to say not from me. There are a plethora of statistical sites that run numbers like this, but the data I’m going to share with you today came from So, without further ado, the best times to post for each of the major platforms is as follows:
Twitter 1-3 pm
Facebook 1-4 pm
Tumblr 7-10 pm
Instagram 5-6 pm
Pinterest 8-11 pm
Google+ 9-11 pm

How to Listen on Social Media
Listening through social media is less about asking direct questions (though you can do that too) and more about reading what your followers have to say.Companies have long understood that people with similar interests in a particular product or brand often have other similar interests. If they model their marketing campaigns after one of those other interests, they can appeal to a certain demographic. You can easily do the same thing with your own marketing strategies.By paying attention to the posts of your followers, you will quickly begin to garner a sense of where their interests lie and how best to approach them. It truly is as simple as paying attention.

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Spring Garden Flags – Easy Decorating Idea

Here’s an easy spring outdoor decorating that will add a splash of color and welcome all your customer’s guests.  Create a planter filled with favorite flowers and vines.  Next choose a garden flag that reflects the season or perhaps celebrates a special event such as a birthday or graduation.

Find a variety of spring garden flags with artistic designs that include birds,bunnies and spring flowers such as pansies and tulips.  They’ll even be able to find garden flags to match favorite flowers. From daffodils,tulips to morning glories, there’s a large variety of designs, colors and themes to choose from.

There are also birthday flags, graduation flags, wedding and anniversary flags.Whatever the celebration, your customer will find a decorative flag that will be perfect for their event.

I’ve selected a flag with a party theme that will welcome friends for an upcoming get-together.  Next place a decorative iron garden flag stand in the center of the planter.  Slip the decorative garden flag onto the garden flag stand.  Place the planter with the flag by the front door or patio area. It’s the perfect spring outdoor decoration that adds instant color, plus the garden flag adds an eye-catching surprise.  Now it can easily change for  new garden flags for every season, holiday or special event.

How To Get Word Of Mouth Exposure

As a business, you are looking for all the exposure   you   can get to help bring in new customers and get them to return. We’re not talking about print ads or airtime but something that has been around much longer and has an impressive track record when it comes to bringing in customers. Word of mouth advertising!So before you shell out for a commercial or lament because you don’t have the budget for even a simple 30 second spot, take stock of your word of mouth approach. It may be the oldest form of advertising but it is guaranteed to get you new customers.

Who Uses Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies?When I was living in Los Angeles, I briefly worked at an incredible theater called Arclight. At that time, there was only one Arclight theater and it was widely considered the best in a city of 3.8 million people. There were many reasons for this.They own and screen films in the original Cinerama Dome which was the predecessor to IMAX. All of their 14 screens are state of the art and all seating is assigned so customers can actually pick the best seat in the house. This is the farthest thing away from the typical generic multiplex that Americans pack into each weekend. And guess what? Their ticket prices were also the highest.You would think that advertising for this company would be key, right?  They would need huge billboards and print ads that touted their comfortable seats, their impressive choice to show NO commercials before the films and their gourmet concession stands that offered fresh-made caramel corn.They would need to shout about their company from the roof tops all these reasons they were simply the best place to see the newest blockbuster that just happens to be screening everywhere else in the county with a cheaper ticket price.So imagine my surprise when I found out that it was company policy to not advertise at all. No radio spots, no fliers, no web ads, no glossy magazine pages. No TV commercials during prime time or anytime! Their one and only marketing strategy was word of mouth.Years have passed and Arclight has done very well in a very competitive city. Still considered the best place to experience a film in Los Angeles,  Arclight now has 5 unique and beautifully maintained locations, they host film festivals, special Hollywood events and still (as far as I can tell now that I’m an outsider) do not advertise.That is the power of people telling their friends why a business is great and why word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing.Next week we’ll detail ways to increase your business’s word of mouth exposure based on principles that have been proven successful!

Halloween Kittens house and garden flag wholesaleFlag Designers

Our nation’s leading artists have used their talents to create EXCITING collections. Vicky Howard, Patty Krizan, Designs by Current, Jenny Newland  and Andy Li  are some of our artists.  Each artist has their own creative style, which is reflected in the new collections they’ve designed.You’ll love the beautiful vivid colors, artistic elements and charming themes.  Look for the added details such as butterflies and birds, which complement each outdoor flag. All our flags feature gorgeous colors, with decorative borders and pretty backgrounds. Offer al your customers  garden flag displays using a placed in their yard or patio area.

For tangle free house flags and banners, use our rotating flag poles which help keep flags unfurled.Whether you prefer elegant floral flags or whimsical garden themes, you’ll find a variety of garden flags to add to your garden decor.  Note the festive colors in this decorative flag by all our artists.  Their flags feature added surprises such as butterflies with artistic details.  You’ll love our silky soft  fade resistant fabrics.  Our PROGUARD exclusive suede material is an innovative fabric which allows for better drape and movement.  These are not your grandmother’s flags!  These are sophisticated flags with artistic details and vibrant colors.Shop Tori Tako Wind Designs for all your Store’s house banners, garden flags and flag pole and accessory needs.